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Account Management:


How do I login to the site? You will receive an email with an invitation to the site that contains a username and temporary password. Once received, use the link provided in the email to login, and you will be prompted to reset your password. You can bookmark this page and save your login for repeat ordering.


I cannot find my invitation to access the new marketplace, did I receive one? Please be sure to check your junk folder to see if the email mistakenly landed there. The email would arrive from Sunless Inc. or, with Subject Line: Sunless Inc. - New Online Marketplace. If you still cannot find the email, contact customer service Norvell 888-829-2831 or Mystic Tan/VersaSpa 888-974-9977.


What happened to my past order history? We know your order history is important to you, so we have added a significant number of historical invoices to your new account. You can access these old records under “My Account” and “Order/Invoice Tracking”.

Will my payment/credit card information transfer to new marketplace? To provide maximum security for your personal financial information, your credit card information will not transfer to your new account. When you place your 1st order on the new marketplace, you will be required to enter your credit card information, along with billing address, and security code. You can store and delete credit cards under the “My Account” and “My Credit Cards” tab.


Where can I save an additional email for order confirmations and tracking? At this time, order confirmation emails can only be sent to one primary email on file. However, we are working on an upgrade to allow for multiple emails to be added.


Will I receive a separate login for each brand? We have made it easy to shop and order all our brands in one single marketplace - Mystic Tan, VersaSpa, Norvell, & Myst-X. *Please be advised that any brand specific shipping policies still apply.


Why do I see an old address or old owner information on my account? When your order history was transferred to the new site, some old addresses or owner info may have also been included.  You can confirm your addresses under the “My Account” and “My Addresses” tabs. If there is info you would like removed, please contact customer service for assistance by sending an email to


Can I ship to multiple locations from my new account? Yes, you can still ship to multiple locations using your new account. If you had previously saved multiple ship-to addresses in your old account, they should transfer over to your new account.


I have multiple accounts, will I receive an invite for each? Yes, if you previously had more than one account, you will receive an invite for each account. If you only had one account and drop ship to one or more locations, you will receive one invitation.


Who will receive the invite, per each account? The primary email address on the account will be sent the invite, none of the secondary emails will receive an invite.


I have multiple accounts and when I viewed “My Account”, only one account is listed, what should I do? You must call customer support and we will manually add the other accounts, Norvell 888-829-2831 or Mystic Tan/VersaSpa 888-974-9977.


Where will I find a copy of my invoices? You can find invoice history under “My Account” option “Order/Invoice Tracking”


Can I place an order for parts and solution on the same order? Not at this time. If you include equipment or parts into a solution order, the equipment and part items will be automatically split into a separate cart. You can find your separate carts under “My Account” and “My Shopping Carts”. You will have to checkout of each cart separately.


Can I request assistance to locate a part? Yes, if you need assistance, please call tech support at 855-450-3500 or email and a technician will be happy to assist.




Product Information:

How do Sunless Spray tan and Self Tanners Work?

The principle tanning agent used in all self-tanning formulas is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This ingredient does not produce a “real tan” by increasing the skin’s melanin levels, rather it creates a tanned appearance by developing a brown color on the surface of the skin.

The action of DHA is limited to the upper layer of the skin and involves a reaction between DHA and skin proteins and oxygen that produces brown compounds. This process is similar to what occurs when you slice open an apple and the surface of the apple browns when it’s exposed to the oxygen in the air.

The development of color takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours and the intensity of color is dependent upon the DHA concentration in the product as well as each tanner’s individual skin characteristics. The color developed by the DHA usually lasts 5 to 7 days and begins to fade as the top layer of the skin naturally exfoliates.


Is sunless tanning safe?

The FDA has approved DHA for external application on the skin. For misting applications, the FDA recommends protective measures to prevent eye contact, inhalation or ingestion. To ensure complete protection, the FDA suggests wearing protective eyewear, nose filters, ear plugs, lip balm, and undergarments.


What is the sunless spray tan FDA advisory?

The FDA advises that users avoid inhaling or ingesting DHA or letting the spray get into the eyes. When using DHA-containing products as an all-over spray or mist, it may be difficult to avoid exposure in a manner for which DHA is not approved, including the area of the eyes, lips, or mucous membrane, or internally.

The FDA recommends protective measures to eliminate eye contact, inhalation or ingestion during a spray tan session, such as:

  • Eye protection
  • Nose filters
  • Ear plugs
  • Lip balm
  • Undergarments
    For additional questions or concerns regarding DHA, consult a health care professional

To understand the complete FDA position on DHA, visit the FDA website.


Will a Sunless Tan protect skin from UV sun rays?

No. DHA and sunless tanning products offer no protection from UV rays.  


How long will a Sunless Tan last?

The longevity of a sunless tan depends on the type of self-tanning application.

On average, self-tanners last 5-7 days. A professional application, i.e. a sunless spray tan, will tend to last longer than a one-time application of self-tan product. A professional spray application received at a salon or spa (stand-up spray units, airbrush) lasts 5 to 7 days. Self-tan application (lotions, sprays, mousse, etc.) lasts 3 to 5 days. The tan created by the DHA affects only the top layer of the skin and will begin to fade after 4 to 5 days as the skin naturally begins to exfoliate.

Following a good skin care regimen before and after sunless tanning will help a sunless tan last longer. Exfoliating prior to a sunless tanning application and keeping skin moisturized afterwards are essential.  


Will the bronzers from a spray tanning application rub-off on clothes?

If you are using a spray solution with a cosmetic bronzer (water-soluble make-up), some of the bronze color may rub off on clothing or bed sheets. This is most likely to happen when you get dressed immediately after tanning.

To minimize the chance of the bronzers transferring to clothing, we recommend you wear loose-fitting, darker clothes after your spray session. Try to refrain from physical exertion that could result in your sweating until you shower and wash off the cosmetic bronzers.

How long after tanning should I wait before swimming and exercising?

It is recommended to avoid swimming and vigorous exercise for the first 8 hours following your sunless tan application.