VersaSpa Pro Wellfit Recover Solution, Smart Container 1.4 Gallon
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VersaSpa Pro Wellfit Recover Solution, Smart Container 1.4 Gallon

Product Code: 403424

The ultimate solution for nourishing skin recovery. WellFit RECOVER restores vital Electrolytes lost during daily activity and workouts, providing a burst of cooling relief that leaves you feeling instantly refreshed and invigorated. Our Nitro+Mineral Complex is rich in magnesium, potassium and Calcium to build a strong and healthy skin barrier and improve skin elasticity. RECOVER features a light-weight spray formula delivers crucial amino acids with effortless absorption, replenishing skin to optimal health!


Crucial minerals (potassium, magnesium,calcium) and antioxidants to protect against environmental stress and improve overall cellular balance.


  • Instant cooling sensation and relief, providing an invigorating post-workout recovery
  • Creates better skin health, vibrancy, and elasticity
  • Optimizes skin health for better balance and performance of everyday skincare
  • Replenishes vital Amino Acids & Electrolytes lost due to physical activity

An SD card may be required with this purchase, please contact tech support (855-450-3500) to confirm.